Maps Builder Pro Features

A complete Google Maps plugin chock-full of features

Visual Map Builder

Build Google Maps like never before using a live point-and-click map builder.

Custom Markers

Choose from 1,000s of marker images and even upload your own.

Impressive Infowindows

Configure the content displayed for each marker as you see fit.

Routes and Directions

Set pre-planned routes to destinations, events and more via car, bike, walking or transit.

Snazzy Maps Integration

Style maps using any pre-configured Snazzy Map style, or style your own!

Google Places Integration

Unleash the power of Google Places and display many POIs including restaurants, hotels, schools, and more.

Import & Export Everything

Import entire maps, markers, directions and more via CSV, XML, or JSON.

Powerful Drawing Tools


Draw polygons, rectangles, polylines, circles, and markers on the map.

Marker Clustering

Displaying lots of markers? Intelligently cluster them for an optimal user experience.

Set Language Preference

Marker Clustering

Multiple Routes and Directions

Multiple Map Types

Live Map Builder

Post Mashups

Import & Export Markers and Maps

Snazzy Map Themes with Custom Theme Support

Widget & Shortcode

Traffic, Transit, and Bicycle Layers

Easy "Drop a Marker" Creation

Easy Widget and Shortcode Placement

Fast Loading Scripts

Custom Markers

Marker Infowindows

Mobile Responsive Maps

Let's Dive Deeper

More information on the Pro plugin.

Map Capabilities

Post Mashups

You can populate markers on a map from any post or page on your website. The Maps Builder Metabox allows you to map a post to a location and have it appear on the map of your choice automatically. Great for creating "living maps" of events you create on your site, whether it be real estate locations, conferences you spoke at, marathons, or any other type of content you can think of.

See Demo Here

Marker Clustering

When you have a lot of markers in close proximity but zoom the map out you lose the ability to distinguish individual markers. Clustering allows you to have one "Cluster" marker with a number indicating how many individual markers there are in that cluster.

See Demo Here

Multiple Directions

Creating complex Directions routes is as easy as adding new markers. Plus, each map can hold multiple routes. Detailed text directions can be shown in an drawer pull-out or below the map.

See Demo Here


You can add any type of layer to any map with one click. Layers are things like Bicycle paths, current road Traffic density, and transit routes.

See Demo Here

Import & Export Markers and Maps

Maps can be very complex, holding hundreds of markers. Populating that many markers can take a lot of time. No need to worry about re-creating all those markers when you can Import and Export both the map and all it's settings and markers with ease.

Mobile Responsive

Every map is responsive, no problems there. You can additional set the default width and height to be in either pixels or percentages.

Widget and Shortcode Placement

Maps can be inserted anywhere throughout your site with a simple widget or the shortcode generator.

Snazzy Map Themes

Snazzy Maps is a great Open Source project that applied custom colors and overlays to Google Maps. Maps Builder Basic comes with 16 pre-loaded Snazzy Maps picked from the most popular ones. Maps Builder Pro has over 80 pre-loaded Snazzy Maps and give you the ability to add your own custom Snazzy Map from the code on the Snazzy Map site.

See Demo Here

Live Map Builder