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Take a look at the Maps Builder admin interface

Maps Builder

Maps Builder Pro is made to be an immersive and robust tool to create powerful maps for your WordPress website. Balancing that power with an easy an intuitive interface is what separates this plugin from all others. As Pippin Williamson said:

"This plugin really can build just about any kind of map you can imagine, and it’s easy too. That’s a rare combination."
Read Pippins full review here.

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Settings Pages

The Maps Builder Pro settings are designed to provide you with some global defaults so you can choose your most common configurations. There is also useful information about your WordPress environment that helps us in debugging issues, and this is also where you can activate your Maps Builder Pro license.

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Import / Export

Maps Builder Pro comes with an Import/Export tool. You might have spent a lot of time populating your map with hundreds of markers. Re-creating that in another environment could become a nightmare. With Maps Builder Pro it's easy. 

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